Why 108 yogi

Why 108 you ask…..good question.   One hundred and eight is a sacred number that is cross cultural, multi dimensional and is revered in several different religions. One could probably write pages on where 108’s has appeared through out our history. Here are a few of my favs…


-There are 108 beads on a traditional mala.  It’s also relating to the number of times a mantra or prayer is recited, using the mala as a way to keep count.


-This number has some strange synchronicities within the solar system and planets, as well as astrology having 12 houses and 9 planets 12×9=108


-There is said to be 108 types of meditation, paths to God, names of most Hindu deities, energy points or nadis, different forms of classical Indian dance, and there are 108 most important Upanishads.


-A story, idea or myth; if one can have 108 breaths a day, they will achieve enlightenment.


-Tibetans/Buddhist have mentioned in their holy writing the idea of 108 delusions/defilements of the mind that would be wise to soften and the opposite virtues we should strive to cultivate.


-In India, 108 is the emergency telephone number, dialing 108 in times of need. 


-108 cards in the UNO deck, which is a favorite childhood game 


-In my hometown, Chicago the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) has 108 floors


-Chicago Cubs won the World Series after 108 years, in the 10th inning, winning with 8. Chi-town love. 


Why did I choose 108 Yogi…Well, all of the points mentioned above resonate with me on some level.  I was in Goa driving around on my scootie pondering a name, I looked up and saw the 108 emergency sign on the side of the road and thought. Yep, the depth, the surface, yet a bit undercover.

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